Innovative orthopedic treatment plans for all ages and athletic abilities.

Only a handful of people get through life without injury, pain or discomfort in their joints, muscles or bones. So, whether you’re an athlete looking to optimize your physical, nutritional and mental health or someone who performs regular physical labor, is experiencing the effects of normal wear and tear, or has suffered a fall, we can help. Dr. Bascharon — a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, athletic trainer and founder of the Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute of Las Vegas — and her team will tailor experienced, effective care to your unique needs so you can get back to the life, sport or work you love.

Board-certified orthopedic surgeon focused on improving your quality of life.

Dr. Bascharon is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and seven-time Patient’s Choice Award recipient specializing in sports performance. She is recognized in the Southern Nevada area and nationally for her expertise and excellence in patient care. Her unique method combines leading-edge, scientific sports medicine research and state-of-the-art technology to enhance the techniques for each person in her care. Dr. Bascharon is known for her exemplary bedside manner, the amount of time she spends with each individual, the courtesy of her staff, and her appropriate follow-up. She donates her time by serving as a ringside physician for mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing events and as a team physician for various high school and club sports.

Individualized care to help you reach peak sports performance on the field, track or court.

We help you achieve individualized excellence through a thoughtful and comprehensive approach that targets your specific area of focus, physically, nutritionally and mentally. Each athlete we serve participates in a thorough consultation to identify areas that need improvement. This information is then used in conjunction with a comprehensive set of exams and leading-edge diagnostics to optimize your daily workout to help you reach peak performance.

Highly skilled and compassionate orthopedic care to help relieve your pain.

The Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute of Las Vegas is equipped to help relieve your pain so you can get back to enjoying your life by applying a “healing without boundaries” approach to each patient. We focus on whole-person wellness and treatment that’s targeted towards enhancing your physical, nutritional and mental symptoms that may be contributing to or affecting your health and well-being. Together, we’ll work with you to make sure you achieve your overall health goals.

Trust the experience and knowledge of Dr. Bascharon for your medical consulting needs.

Dr. Bascharon is the recipient of numerous honors and rewards, including the Excellence in Hand Research award from the American Osteopathic Academy, Doctor of the Year from Barton Memorial Hospital in South Lake Tahoe, The American Legion Good Citizenship Awards and others. Her combination of experience and training makes her a highly valuable and respected orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. So, when you need an expert medical witness for a court case or proceeding, trust Dr. Bascharon’s experience and extensive knowledge. She’ll research, review and help you fully understand each piece of information in your medical case. With Dr. Bascharon, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to achieve success in your legal case or proceeding.

Individualized orthopedic care that champions depend on.

“Dr. Bascharon and the Sports Performance Institute have completely taken my game to the next level, physically, mentally and spiritually. You guys have put everything together for me to make me the best athlete that I can be. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of your help and support.”

– Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross

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